Our Religious Education curriculum

KS3 RE curriculum

Intent: At St. Leonard’s Catholic High School, the Religious Education department seeks to deliver a curriculum which places ‘Christ at the centre’ of all that we teach. Following the school mission of taking Christ as a model for life, we aim to educate the young people in our care so that they can grow to become the person God intended them to be.

Our lessons are planned to offer active and engaging learning to ensure all pupils make links to assimilate new knowledge and build on prior skills. We inspire curiosity and encourage a thirst for new learning and provide opportunities that allow pupils to revisit skills, embed knowledge and progress to the next level.

Our curriculum is driven by key questions and big ideas which encourage exploration beyond the specification. Both of these are framed within the context of Salvation History which seeks to tell the narrative of the Christian story from creation, to the resurrection of Jesus, Pentecost and the ongoing growth of the Church through evangelisation. The subject enables pupils to discover the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith and encourage them to develop as responsible young adults, made in God’s image.

To encourage our pupils to look beyond their own religious and cultural practices and gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of our society, a variety of world faiths are studied across all key stages. All pupils are encouraged to place their faith into action and participate in the life of the Church on a local and national level.

Year 7Year 8Year 9
Half term 1Who was Jesus?​
Jesus, Ministry, Human or Divine
​People of God
Creation and goodness of the world, Stewardship, Old Testament Covenant, Old Testament Prophets
Messiah and Sacrifice
The Historical Jesus, Messiah
Half term 2The community of the Church ​
Papacy, Holy Spirit, Laity
Christianity in Britain
Anglo-Saxon Britain and pagan worship, Arrival of Christianity in Britain, Northern Saints – Aidan, Cuthbert and Bede
Living the Christian Life
Sacrifice, Agape
Half term 3What does the Church believe?​
Creed, Trinity, Liturgical year
​Challenge and Division
Monastic life, The Reformation, Martyrdom, Catholic Reformation
Conscience and Forgiveness
Sin and Conscience, Sacrament of Reconciliation
Half term 4How does the Church show their faith in God?​
Prayer, Sacraments, Eucharist
Life worth Living
Vocation, Missionary Orders, Sacrament of Marriage, Sacrament of Confirmation
Forgiveness and Apartheid
Forgiveness, Apartheid
Half term 5How and why does the Church serve others?​
Charity, Faith in Action, Service
Life as a journey, Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Pilgrimage to Lourdes
Study of World Faith – Judaism
Jewish beliefs and teachings including;
Nature of God, Messiah, Covenant, life on earth, the afterlife
Half term 6What do Hindus believe?​
Key beliefs, Pilgrimage, Gandhi
Key beliefs, Five pillars, Hajj
Revision and end of year exam

KS4 GCSE Religious Studies

Exam board: WJEC
Course code: C120PB
Examinations: Component 1: Foundational Catholic Theology – 37.5%, Component 2: Applied Catholic Theology – 37.5%, Component 3: Study of a World Faith – 25%. Component 1 and 2 are 1 hour 30 minutes written papers, Component 3 is a 1 hour written paper.
Progression routes: Religious education can lead to careers in charities, Priesthood, medicine, teaching, human rights, law, philosophy, environmental sciences, civil rights and humanitarian work.

Year 10Year 11
Half term 1Judaism PracticesLife and Death
Half term 2Origins and MeaningSin and Forgiveness
Half term 3Origins and MeaningSin and Forgiveness
Half term 4Origins and MeaningSin and Forgiveness
Half term 5Good and EvilRevision
Half term 6Good and EvilRevision

KS5 courses

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