Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our belief in action.

In the Catholic community of St Leonard’s, everything we do is for the greater glory of God and the service of others. Both pupils, staff and governors embrace the Catholic life and mission of the school.

Our Mission statement:

  • pursue excellence in all and for all; 
  • take Christ as the model for life; 
  • strive to create community. 

St Leonard’s, as a Catholic School, shares many features with other schools. We share the central mission of passing on the cultural and scientific heritage to the next generation, and of encouraging the personal growth of each pupil through excellent teaching, outstanding pastoral care and the creation of an effective school community. However, as a Catholic school, St Leonard’s also draws distinctive features from its Catholic Christian heritage and the way in which we as a community combine our educational and religious missions. 

Our vision and values are such that: 

  • the person of Jesus Christ is at the centre of our Catholic School; 
  • the person of Jesus Christ is presented to pupils and to staff; 
  • the values and attitudes of Christ are modelled by the adults of the school community; 
  • pupils are encouraged to make the values and attitudes of Jesus Christ their own; 
  • the school recognises the Spirit of the Risen Christ, present, alive and active in the school community. 

From this vision of the Catholic School, centred on the person of Jesus Christ, come values and actions rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, which are articulated in our aims.

Our aims are: 

  • to recognise, nurture and celebrate the gifts and talents of each individual; 
  • to ensure each member of the community is safe, happy and valued; 
  • to provide learning opportunities enabling every child to reach his/her full potential; 
  • to enrich and enhance the lives of each child; 
  • to be committed to lifelong-learning for all; 
  • to prepare children for the world of the 21st Century; 
  • to prepare children to live out their Christian vocation in society; 
  • to give opportunities for children to discern God’s call for them; 
  • to be an actively worshipping Catholic community; 
  • to form strong links with appropriate groups and partners; 
  • to develop personal, moral and social responsibility in everyone; 
  • to be reflective and open to change. 

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Updated | 20th December, 2023 |

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