Pastoral Care

The pastoral system at St Leonard’s.

The pastoral care of every pupil is of the greatest importance to all those who work in any capacity in St Leonard’s Catholic School. We see pastoral care as being central to the success of the students in the school. We aim to create and nurture a positive, caring learning environment, where all students feel safe, secure and happy. The learning environment is one in which pupils are challenged and are able to thrive academically and achieve their full potential. 

When starting at St Leonard’s, each pupil is allocated to a tutor group within the Year Group. The Tutor oversees a child’s welfare and development in school, normally remaining with their Tutor Group from Year 7 to Year 11. Key Stage Leaders will also remain with their year cohort from Year 7 through to Year 9 and then from Year 10 until the end of Year 11.  

Tutor groups meet each morning for twenty-five minutes, with an extended session to cover the RSE and Personal Development curriculum every Wednesday. The pastoral system is designed so that all pupils will have a genuine sense of belonging inside this large community. 

We have a strong team of pastoral staff, each with specific responsibility for looking after the welfare of particular groups of students. The pastoral staff are able to look at the progress of the students in a broad sense, ensuring that any problems that arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

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Updated | 15th January, 2024 |

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