Student Leadership

Opportunities for Student Leadership.

At St Leonard’s Catholic School, we empower pupils through a robust Pupil Leadership programme, promoting a sense of responsibility and initiative. We have three branches of our pupil leadership programme:

  • Head Students: Elected from the Sixth Form, these students embody the pinnacle of leadership, guiding the student body. Elections for Head Students take place at the end of Year 12, and Head Students remain in role throughout Year 13.
  • Pupil Leadership Team: Our PLT were selected through an application process, take charge of specific areas within school such as Events, Catholic Life, Personal Development, Teaching and Learning or Environment, exemplifying their dedication to diverse aspects of school life.
  • Tutor Representatives: Our Tutor Representatives, who were democratically elected by their peers, bridge the communication gap, ensuring that each pupil’s voice is heard.

Through these leadership roles, St Leonard’s Catholic School cultivates a culture of collaboration, accountability and student-driven positive change.

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Updated | 17th January, 2024 |

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On Tuesday the 13th February, a very special concert took place at Durham’s magnificent Town Hall. James Weeks, the conductor of Exaudi, a small professional chamber choir, has been working on composition with Year 13 A Level music pupils since the spring of 2023. Following a series of workshops in school, the compositions were finally performed […]

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Six brilliant candidates have received offers from Oxford or Cambridge this year. Congratulations to them all and we wish them every success as they prepare for their A Levels. Thank you to Miss Bird and all the Sixth Form staff who have given excellent support – as ever – during the application process. 


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