Our uniform policy.

Uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the
ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone.

At St Leonard’s, we firmly believe that uniform should be: 

  • uniform and not open to various interpretations; 
  • distinctive and smart; 
  • easily and readily available; 
  • reasonably priced. 

Boys Years 7-11

  • Navy blue school blazer with school badge.
  • Light blue shirt with button at neck.
  • Navy-blue V neck jumper (optional).
  • Charcoal grey school style trousers (no chinos, jean-type or skinny fit trousers).
  • Shoes are to be black leather or patent leather, plain, formal and polished. Laces and
  • stitching are to be black. Boots, black trainers, plimsolls, suede, canvas or casual shoes are
  • not permitted.
  • Socks are to be plain grey or black

Girls Years 7-11

  • Navy blue school blazer with school badge.
  • Light blue shirt with button at neck (with a tie) or a light blue revere collared blouse
  • (without a tie).
  • Navy-blue V neck jumper (optional).
  • Approved navy-blue drop waist pleated school style skirt at knee length or navy-blue
  • school style straight legged trousers, not lycra or elastane.
  • Shoes are to be black leather or patent leather, plain, formal and polished. Laces and
  • stitching are to be black. Boots, black trainers, plimsolls, suede, canvas, high heels,
  • Vivienne Westwood style shoes are not permitted.
  • Plain black tights (minimum 60 denier) to be worn with skirt. No knee length socks allowed.
  • Black or grey socks to be worn with trousers.

All Pupils

  • Shirts are to be worn tucked into trousers or skirt. No fashion belts.
  • Blazers should be worn at all times.
  • No piercings of any type including clear retainers.
  • School tie should be worn correctly from the neck to the waist.
  • All are expected to have a suitable bag with a zip fastening to carry books and equipment.
  • All forms of jewellery, false eyelashes, acrylic nails and nail varnish are not permitted in school.
  • Watches are allowed, however, they must not be smart watches.
  • Extreme haircuts including shaved patterns, very close cuts / skin fades and coloured / two
    toned hair dyes are not permitted.
  • Visible make-up is not permitted.

PE Uniform

Please note, we have offered optional items of PE kit to ensure all pupils are comfortable and confident whilst participating in sport. 

Shorts (32303) Shorts (32303) or Skort (32315) Compulsory 
Unisex Polo Shirt (6100) Unisex Polo Shirt (6100) Compulsory 
Plain white socks Plain white socks Compulsory 
Trainers (not plimsoles or high tops) Trainers (not plimsoles or high tops) Compulsory 
PE Navy Hoodie (30853) PE Navy Hoodie (30853) Optional 
Tracksuit Bottoms (6800) Tracksuit Bottoms (6800) Optional 
Tracksuit Top (6611) Tracksuit Top (6611) Optional 
Slimfit Tracksuit Bottoms Slimfit Tracksuit Bottoms Optional 
Unisex Training Top (6600) Unisex Training Top (6600) Optional 
Reversible Sports Shirt (6400) Sports Leggings (34459) Optional 

Uniform Suppliers

Our branded school uniform can be purchased online from Price & Buckland, or in person by visiting Parkins School Wear and Men’s Wear, in Durham City Centre.
Non-branded uniform is available from many retail outlets. Whilst the School does not require
parents to purchase all uniform from a particular supplier, the school has entered into partnership
with Price & Buckland who hold an approved stock of main school uniform. All items for sale from
Price & Buckland have been approved as acceptable school uniform.

Other Suppliers

Sainsbury’s and Tesco currently stock charcoal grey trousers which match the
approved style and colour for boys in Years 7-11. Please note that trousers from other suppliers
may vary in both colour and style.

Summer Adaptions

The school has the same uniform all year round. IF we experience exceptional
levels of heat in the summer we relax the policy appropriately. The first stage would be to allow pupils not
to wear ties / blazers. If the heatwave is prolonged we allow pupils to wear their PE kit. We communicate
in these circumstances on a daily basis to parents and pupils so that they know what adaptions are in place.


Pupils are asked to bring this equipment every day; this helps pupils stay organised
and get the most out of every lesson:

  • Pencil Case 
  • 2 blue or black pens 
  • Green pen 
  • Highlighter 
  • 2 pencils 
  • Pencil sharpener 
  • Rubber 
  • 30cm ruler 
  • Protractor 
  • Glue stick 
  • A set of coloured pencils

Support for Parents and Carers

We are committed to working with and supporting parents / carers in the provision of good quality uniform, worn correctly, that reflects our high standards and commitment to excellence. We have carefully considered our uniform offer and have tried to keep branded items to a minimum to ensure our uniform is affordable for all. 

As a school, we aim to keep costs down and to provide more sustainable options when it comes to uniform. We gratefully receive donations of pre-loved uniform in good condition including PE kit. We hold a stock of ‘pre-loved’ uniform in school for anyone who requires this, regardless of benefit status or income level. All items are cleaned, in a good state of repair and are free of charge.  

We would like to support any parents / carers who are experiencing financial difficulty in providing their child with school uniform. Please contact us if you would like support towards the cost of uniform. If you would like to find out more about the stock we hold, please use the contact form by clicking the link below.

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